Reception Edit

According to an interview with Zane Lowe, Eminem made 500 copies of the album, but sold only slightly higher than 250, though after a man from Las Vegas ordered 2000 copies, Mark Bass received a phone call from Dr. Dre. It would not be until Eminem rose to global fame that the EP would chart, eventually charting at #27 on the UK Albums Chart in 2001, nearly four years after the album was first released. Though rare, reviews of the EP were generally mixed to positive. AllMusic gave the EP two and a half out of five stars without a written review.XXL, despite originally giving the EP three out of five stars "L" rating,

listed it on their "100 Most Essential Rap EPs of All Time – The Best 

of the Short & Sweet" list. Eminem was featured in the March 1998 edition of The Source magazine's (#102), "Unsigned Hype" column. The author of the column highlighted two tracks from Eminem's Slim Shady EP; "Just the Two of Us," and "Murder, Murder." It was written about a month or two prior to Eminem's record deal with Aftermath Entertainment but wasn't published until March 1998. Later in Eminem's career, he experienced conflict with Benzino, the co-owner of the magazine.

Track listing Edit

No. Title Producer(s) Length
1. "Intro (Slim Shady)" (skit) Eminem 1:05
2. "Low Down, Dirty"   Da Brigade (Denaun Porter & Kuniva) 4:44
3. "If I Had..."   DJ Rec 4:06
4. "Just Don't Give a Fuck"   Bass Brothers, Eminem 4:00
5. "Mommy" (skit)    0:39
6. "Just the Two of Us"   Bass Brothers, Eminem 4:20
7. "No One's Iller" (featuring Swifty McVay, Bizarre & Fuzz) DJ Head 4:58
8. "Murder, Murder"   DJ Rec 4:40
9. "If I Had..." (radio edit) DJ Rec 4:01
10. "Just Don't Give a Fuck" (radio edit) Denaun Porter 4:03

Sample credits

  • "Low Down, Dirty" contains a sample of "One More Chance" by The Notorious B.I.G. and "Soopaman Luva 3" by Redman
  • "Murder, Murder" contains a sample of "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover" by Paul Simon, "Outlaw" by 2Pac, and "SlaughtaHouse" by Masta Ace
  • "No One's Iller" contains a sample of "Wildflower" by Hank Crawford
  • "Just Don't Give a Fuck" contains a sample of "I Don't Give a Fuck" by 2Pac

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