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The Sound was a British new wave band which was founded by Adrian Borland and existed from 1979 to 1987.

The Sound is often synonymous with Joy Division and Echo & the Bunnymen. The Sound at the same time uplifting songs that were sometimes made melancholy. The ever-expected breakthrough to a large audience stayed out. Singer and co-songwriter Adrian Borland committed suicide on 26 april 1999 suicide. He pitched himself for the train at Wimbledon Station.


[hide]*1 discography



Singles and Eps[Edit]Edit

  • Physical World (1979)
  • Live Instinct (1980)
  • Heyday (1980)
  • Sense of Purpose (1981)
  • Party of the Mind (1982)
  • Hothouse (1982)
  • One Thousand Reasons (1984)
  • Counting The Days (1984)
  • Under You (1985)
  • Temperature Drop (1985)
  • Iron Years (1987)
  • Hand of Love (1987)


  • Counting the Days (1996)
  • Propaganda (1999)
  • The BBC Recordings (2004)
  • The Dutch Radio Recordings (2006) (recordings of concerts in Paradiso (1981), No Nukes (1982), Stokvishal (1983), Parkpop (1984) and the free floor (1985)

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