The Spotnicks was a Swedish instrumental guitar rock group, was formed in the late 1950s and in the first half of the 1960s was very popular. The band is best known for the space suits they wore during performances.

The Spotnicks were from GothenburgGuitarist Bo Star other (who became the stage name Bob Lander would assume) and bassist Björn Thelin founded there in 1956 the duo "The Rebels" and after several name changes on. with guitarist Bo Winberg and drummer Ove Johansson added to the occupation, they were offered a record deal in 1961 after several gigs in local clubs. Their manager, Roland Ferneborg, brought them on the idea for the group name "The Spotnicks", to the Russian Sputnik satellite.

In the 1960s the instrumental music was quite popular. The ShadowsThe VenturesDuane Eddy and Link Wray specialized on instrumental rock and rollnummers centered on the guitar. The Spotnicks went along in this golf and were soon international success. Groups like The CousinsThe JokersThe picnics and The Robots (who became the soul group Jess & James would be) are influenced by them. The Spotnicks wanted to play the guitar without stuck to wires and amplifiers, so they left the electronics built into helmets that came with the space suits heard they wore on stage. This technique was not always practical, but donated them widely, especially in Western Europe and Japan, where the Group had several hits. Performances were attended by a vast audience.

After the arrival of The Beatles pop groups as The Spotnicks were less successful. In 1970 the members went their separate ways. Bo Winberg, however, went further by group name and continued touring with another occupation. Their popularity rose even further, making them only in the long term were considered a nostalgia group.

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