The Star Fighter Pilot (AKA Martin Bryant) is an electronic pop artist from Manchester, England. Fusing electro, acid house and electronic noise with a witty singer songwriter ethic, he makes music that bridges the gap between accessible pop and experimental electronica.

Influenced by people as diverse as Squarepusher, Chris T-T, early Beck, Ladytron and the Super Furry Animals, he makes music using computers, samples, software synthesisers and his voice.

In March 2005 The Star Fighter Pilot's first EP, Feeding & Chaining, was released through netlabel and was followed up in 2006 by the Alkaline Maisonette EP. Both have been critically acclaimed and well received by his ever-growing fanbase.

Playing regular gigs The Star Fighter Pilot has built up a strong live reputation. He sometimes appears onstage with choreographed dancers and in May 2006 was filmed live for the Real Fresh TV video podcast. In addition to his own music he recently contributed to an unofficial Beach Boys remix project, 'Hippocamp Ruins Pet Sounds'.

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