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Scottish high energy punk rock shenanigans akin to some sort of train smash between Foo Fighters and Rise Ag…ainst, only the good bits remain intact. Looking like a mean bunch of muthas this Glasgow via Australia crew have an utterly irresistible set of hooks that deserve to be anthems at a bunch of summer festivals.

The set starts well but it is actually half way in where things go a bit stellar with “Birth Of A Nation” and “Salvation” which prove to be the anthems in waiting i mentioned earlier. So, promise, ruthlessly taught execution and gang choruses to die for. The Static Cult, very mobile and very soon to be much more than a cult. - 8/10 Simon Grays - More Than Music

“This band needs to come to the USA ASAP! They sound like the next Bad Religion/Rise Against. Bottom line, they rock! Embers and Ashes is one of my favorite songs, also check out Hold Tight Hope” – Nevermind The Posers

  • Jimmy- Vocals/Guitar
  • Doog- Guitar/Vocals
  • James- Bass/Vocals
  • Jamie- Drums


The Static Cult


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