Artist: Mono Puff

Date Released: 1997

Label: Hello CD Of The Month Club

Produced By: John Flansburgh & Pat Dillett


  1. Backstabbing Liar
  2. Poison Flowers
  3. NIght Security (featuring Barry Carl)
  4. Hillbilly Drummer Girl


This is reproduced in its entirety on It's Fun To Steal, so there's no real need to track this one down or anything. It's very good though -- "Backstabbing Liar" is a very strong song—if a single were to come from that album, I'm sure it'd be that song. "Poison Flowers" later showed up in a Coca-Cola ad They Might Be Giants made. "Night Security" features the bass singer of Rockapella on vocals, and "Hillbilly Drummer Girl is a cover of the Young Fresh Fellows song, If these songs weren't available elsewhere, this EP would be a must have, but they are, so it's not. - Rev. Syung Myung Me

For More Information: Page

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