Artist: The Lashes

Date Released: August 3, 2004

Label: Lookout!

Produced By: John Goodmanson


  1. Death by Mixtape
  2. Ex-Mas (Young in Love)
  3. Pop Song
  4. It's Your Party


Straight out of stormy Seattle, The Lashes have hit the ground running with their debut EP on Lookout! Records. The Stupid Stupid EP:The Lashes|The Stupid Stupid EP]] is made up of 4 upbeat, power-pop songs driven by dueling guitars, catchy keyboards, and “heart-wrenched” lyrics. The combination seems to work, though I am not too sure if they really need six members. Everything is hook-driven, which is no surprise really since it is power-pop. There also seems to be slight influences of punk and new wave mixed in there somewhere. The crisp sound on the EP is due to producer John Goodmanson who has also done work for The Blood Brothers, Bikini Kill and Blonde Redhead. While The Lashes are not really breaking any new ground like a lot of those bands, there are much worse things. It will be interesting to see what they pull out for their full length, especially with Lookout! backing them, and if they keep the same producer. On a pointless side note, apparently their inspiration for the album was Sparks, an alcoholic energy drink available in 24 ounce cans… lucky bastards. Mpardaiolo

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