Artist: The Sword


The Sword (singular) are another band out of the great city of Austin, Texas, and have garnered most of their attention recently as the opening act during the southern and midwestern legs of ...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead's "Worlds Apart" North American tour, but rest assured The Sword do not at all sound like ...Trail of Dead except in their liberal usage of the electric guitar. In fact, The Sword sound more like they belong on Hydra Head than anything else, pumping along with sludgy metal riffs and sparse vocals.

I was skeptical that the band would be able to pull off their pummeling live show on record, and while it's true they're not nearly as ear-splitting on this EP, you more than get a good idea of what Winter's Wolves or Iron Swan would sound like given a nice spot on the front row of a Sword show. Here's hoping this band puts out a blasting full-length soon with just a touch better production. Until then, the live experience will have to suffice... Probably the best atmosphere with which to enjoy this band anyway. - Patrick Masterson

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