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The Tale of Two Brothers

The Tale Of Two Brothers
Mixtape by Sneezy Slik & Killa Keem
Released July 4th 2008
Recorded Jan 2008-June 2008
Genre Rap
Length TBA
Label Red Rum, DMG, SB
Producer Bigg T, Solomon Moon

The Tale of Two Brothers is a collaboration mixtape between Sneezy Slik and Killa Keem that will be released on July 4th 2008.


It will consist mostly of "freestyle" tracks to originals so therefore it will be a promotional free mixtape. One of the tracks is Cannon which is the remake of Infamy's Cannon which is to be on his EP Cause and Effect

1.Speedin 2. Im So Hood 3. Naah Bitch Naah 4. Won't Let You Down 5. Cannon 6. Real Big 7. Numb w/Infamy 8. Hustlin' 9. One Blood w/Harizzy & Bigg T

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