Artist: Yohimbe Brothers

Date Released: October 12, 2004

Label: Thirsty Ear

Produced By:


  1. Shine for Me
  2. The Secret Frequency
  3. More from Life
  4. Shape 4
  5. Noh Rio
  6. TV
  7. 30 Spokes
  8. Unimportance
  9. No Pistolas
  10. Overcoming
  11. Words They Choose
  12. Shape 1
  13. Perfect Traveler (Tourist Europe)


When a press release for a new album says to file under hip-hop jazz rock, and those happen to be your favorite genres, you really have to take notice. Well the Yomhimbe Brothers, named after the African root that enhances male sexual performance (read natural Viagra), make a pretty good attempt at actually accomplishing such a genre-defying feat. You probably better know this duo as Vernon Reid of Living Colour and DJ Logic, who, along with solo releases, has had major contributions with other like-minded acts such as Medeski, Martin and Wood. This strange pair, armed with a guitar and turntables, have spit out 13 completely individual tracks, each polar opposite of the previous. For example, #6 is a nu-metal/hip-hop fusion, #9 is a Latin-dance party, #8 is avant-garde jazz and #2 almost sounds like indie-rock; and that is only a third of the tracks. An interesting release to say the least, but maybe the Yohimbe Brothers should of stuck closer to the beliefs of Taoism and went with the less is more philosophy. Mpardaiolo

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