The Tender, The Moving, The Swinging Aretha Franklin is the fourth studio album by American singer Aretha Franklin, Released on August 13, 1962 by Columbia Records. It was her first album to achieve any commercial success, reaching #69 on the Billboard pop album charts. Unlike its predecessor, however, it did not have a hit single. The album was recorded at Columbia Recording Studios, 799 Seventh Avenue, New York.


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"Aretha is a natural. No matter what she sings - new songs like Without the One You Love (which she herself wrote) and Don't Cry, Baby or time-tested stadarts like Try a Little Tenderness and I Apologize - she is completely free, uninhibited and thrilling", Billy James, said.

"...Every step of the way, Aretha has grown. She has developed strength, assurance and style. She can be tender and moving, and she can swing. But there are none of the phony "hup's", "hey's" and "ho's" that are used liberally by performers anxious to tell the world that they are swingers. Instead, Aretha uses something else: talent. In a word, is a natural."

Track Listing[edit]Edit

Side One[edit]Edit

  1. "Don't Cry, Baby" (Saul Bernie, James P. Johnson, Stella Unger) 3:23
  2. "Try a Little Tenderness" (James Campbell and Reginald Connelly, Harry M. Woods) 3:16
  3. "I Apologize" (Al Hoffman, Al Goodhart, Ed Nelson) 2:53
  4. "Without the One You Love" (Aretha Franklin) 2:48
  5. "Look for the Silver Lining" (Jerome Kern, B.G. DeSylva) 3:04
  6. "I'm Sitting on Top of the World" (Ray Henderson, Sam M. Lewis, Joe Young) 2:42

Side Two[edit]Edit

  1. "Just for a Thrill" (Lil Hardin Armstrong, Don Raye) 2:33
  2. "God Bless the Child" (Billie Holiday, Arthur Herzog, Jr.) 3:03
  3. "I'm Wandering" (Berry Gordy, Jr., Tyran Carlo) 3:27
  4. "How Deep Is the Ocean" (Irving Berlin) 2:48
  5. "I Don't Know You Anymore" (Gary Geld, Peter Udell) 2:50
  6. "Lover Come Back to Me" (Sigmund Romberg, Oscar Hammerstein II) 2:35

Mono Mixes[edit]Edit

Bonus Tracks on reissue

  1. "Trouble In Mind" (Richard M. Jones) 2:15
  2. "Without the One You Love" 2:46
  3. "Don't Cry, Baby" 3:14
  4. "I'm Wandering" 3:25
  5. "Try a Little Tenderness" 3:14
  6. "I Apologize" 2:52
  7. "Lover Come Back to Me" 2:34
  8. "I Don't Know You Anymore" 2:47



Year Chart Position
1962 Billboard Pop Albums 69

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