The Tunes of Two Cities
by The Residents
Label Ralph
Producer The Residents


  1. Serenade For Missy
  2. A Maze Of Jigsaws
  3. Mousetrap
  4. God Of Darkness
  5. Smack Your Lips (Clap Your Teeth)
  6. Praise For The Curse
  7. The Secret Seed
  8. Smokebeams
  9. Mourning The Undead
  10. Song Of The Wild
  11. The Evil Disposer
  12. Happy Home (Excerpt from Act II of "Innisfree")


This is part two of the Mole Trilogy, and it compares the music of the two cultures. The Chub music is typically re-worked swing songs, made bright and plastic sounding, while the Mole music is darker and more primal. I tend to actually prefer the Mole parts of the album, although "Smack Your Lips (Clap Your Teeth)" is pretty cool. This is a basically instrumental album, and I wouldn't really recommend starting here. It can work as its own album, but it helps to have the background of The Mark Of The Mole. - Rev. Syung Myung Me