The Turtles was a pop group from Los Angeles, California in the 60 's of the 20th century. They are best known for their single "Happy Together". After the band stopped, in the 70 's, the two members Howard Kaylan and Mark Volman, headband, by as Flo and Eddie and sang together with Frank Zappa.


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Very first work[Edit]Edit

Howard Kaylan, Al Nichol play In 1963, Chuck Portz and Don Murray in the Surf band The Nightriders from Los Angeles. From the moment Mark Volman joined the band connection, they call themselves The Crossfires and bring two singles under this name Fiberglass Jungle and One Potato, Two Potato out. The last image is local only a modest hit. Jim Tucker closes also joined the band Later on.


In 1965 they hear the DJ play and Reb Foster is so delighted that he is their manager on battle, and a recording contract with White Whale Records settles. The Crossfires are now called The Tyrtles (as a tribute to the Byrds), which however is The Turtles again soon. In the beginning of their career they play only songs from well known artists, such as Bob Dylan or P.F. Sloan. Has the play style very much like the Byrds.

With the Dylan- It Ain't Me Babe Cover they have for the first time a Top 10 hit in the summer of 1965. On their eponymous debut album two more songs by Dylan. The song Let Me Be comes in the autumn in the Top 30 to stand. You Baby from early 1966 takes out the Top 20.

Of the second album You Baby (1966), of which there are two different singles ("Grim Reaper of Love" and "Can I Get to Know You Better") end up in the top 100. In early 1967 the band, leaving Murray and Palmer said because of a heavy tour schedule and the lack of further commercial success, they are being replaced by, respectively, John Barbata and Chip Douglas.

Biggest hit[Edit]Edit

After they have played the song live eight months, decisions The Turtles "Happy Together" by the fans popular, written by Garry Bonner and Alan Gordon, to record in the studio. Their anthem and biggest success, would later prove. The Beatles pad (with their single Penny Lane) of the number-one position and then three weeks on the highest listing in the u.s. charts of 1967. The album of the same name is released in april and comes to number 25 in the hit list.

Impressed by the work that Douglas has done for the band, Michael Nesmith Monkee asks him after a Turtles show to become the new producer of The Monkees. Douglas accepts the offer, and leaves The Turtles, he is replaced by bassist/singer Jim Pons.

1967 is the most successful years for The Turtles ', the duo again with another track written by Bonner and Gordon, "She'd Rather Be With Me", which reached number 3 in the spring in the US charts. With the further top-15 singles, "You Know What I Mean", and "she's My Girl", give The Turtles to a new psychedelic musical direction to go fly; their music genre is also called the sunshine pop. The compilation album Golden Hits is later released that year and rack up the top 10.

Rather successful[Edit]Edit

1968 is a reasonably successful year: the next two singles, Sound Asleep and The Story of Rock and Roll come to the middle of the top 100, but are less well received. After a year, two albums, and several hit singles with the Monkees, Chip Douglas comes back to The Turtles as their producer. Later that year, is referred to by The Turtles the concept album called The Turtles Present the Battle of the Bands, in which the Group pretended they are another band (with names like The Bigg Brothersnature's ChildrenThe US Teens featuring Raoul, and The Fabulous Dawgs) and each issue also in a different genre. "Elenore" and You Showed Me are the singles from the album, and get know in the Top 10. Elenore is perhaps the only Top 10 single with the text and so on, and is therefore an ironic gesture to the record label White Whale that demands more songs such as Happy Together.

Turtle Soup[Edit]Edit

The record company trying to convince Kaylan & Volman to fire the rest of the band, and to go touring/recording with hired staff. What is emphatically denied. This results in Turtle Soup, a critically well received album by Ray Davies of The Kinks -his only production work for another band in his entire career-inspired by The Kinks ' Village Green Preservation Society. Kaylan & Volman insist that all band members Josh Freese to the numbers, as well as participate in the vocal parts. Despite the good reception by the music critics remains the commercial success of Turtle Soup out, which leads to the band disintegrate.

In 1970, bring The Turtles More Golden Hits , with the singles Sound Asleep and The Story of Rock and Roll, and in 1971, an album of B-sides and rarities, Wooden Head, their last. With the demise of The Turtles, remains there for the White Whale Records record label little about it and also they closed their doors soon.

Post Turtles[Edit]Edit

Kaylan & Volman (accompanied by Pons) join the Mothers of Invention called The Phlorescent Leech & Eddie, the use of The Turtles name (and even their own name on posters) is prohibited because of their contract with White Whale. Flo & Eddie, as the two quickly known, with Mothers, take and bring out a series of own record later. They take on the soundtracks for several children's programmes such as the Care Bears and Strawberry Shortcake, and have their own radio show on KROQ in Los Angeles and WXRK in New York City.

Rightful owner[Edit]Edit

As a White Whale the master recordings of The Turtles sells at auction, take care to be sure the highest bidders Kaylan & Volman; so they take ownership of their own recorded material. In 1984 they get through the courts again control of the brand name The Turtles, and begin a tour as: The Turtles... Featuring Flo and Eddie. They try no reunion with their old band members, but instead play with various session musicians. In 1984, a new 20 Greatest Hits album comes out, followed by a second in 1988 , Turtle Wax: The Best of The Turtles, vol. 2, lists the best songs from their "album tracks" and single B-sides on.

On the debut album by hip hop duo De La Soul is a piece of the Turtles (the intro to "You Showed Me"), in the song "Transmitting Live from Mars". For this sample , however, is not paid and Kaylan & Volman steps to court, win the process, with which they make sure that the music industry also must deal with more carefully more often be indicated and royalties which makes this so so so also paid out: a milestone in the music industry. Their own explanation: "We do not hate samples; on the contrary. If we are not paid, we get to court and everything comes back with us (royalties) and a part of the fineto be paid! "


The timeless "Happy Together" is in films such as Making Mr. Right (1986), Adaptation. (2002), and also out in Freaky Friday (2003). It remains a commercial trademark and is therefore as such in variouscommercials for Florida Orange Juice, Marshall Fields, Red Lobster, SunCom Wireless and there is also a Heineken movie. In 1992 in New York City a ' reunion ' of the Turtles ... only Kaylan & Volman are about.


Albums on White Whale Records:

  • It Ain't Me Babe (1965)
  • You Baby (1966)
  • Happy Together (1967)
  • Golden Hits Volume I (1967)
  • Battle of the Bands (1968)
  • Turtle Soup (1969)
  • Golden Hits Volume II (1970)
  • Wooden Head (1970)


  • It Ain't Me Babe (1965)
  • Let Me Be (1965)
  • You Baby (1965)
  • It Was a Very Good Year (1965; published in Canada only)
  • Grim Reaper of Love (1966)
  • Outside Chance (1966)
  • Making My Mind Up (1966)
  • Can I Get to Know You Better (1966)
  • Happy Together (1966)
  • She'd Rather Be With Me (1967)
  • Guide for the Married Man (1967)
  • You Know What I Mean (1967)
  • She's My Girl (1967)
  • Sound Asleep (1968)
  • The Story of Rock and Roll (1968)
  • Elenore (1968)
  • You Showed Me (1969)
  • House on the Hill (1969)
  • You Don't Have to Walk in the Rain (1969)
  • Love in the City (1969)
  • Lady-O (1969)
  • Who Would Ever Think That I Would Marry Margaret (1969)
  • Is It Any Wonder (1970)
  • Eve of Destruction (1970)
  • Me About You (1970)

Radio 2 Top 2000[Edit]Edit

Number (s) with markings

in the Radio 2 Top 2000

' 99 ' 00 ' 01 ' 02 ' 03 ' 04 ' 05 ' 06 ' 07 ' 08 ' 09 ' 10 ' 11 ' 12 ' 13
Happy together 1017 1376 1507 1566 1192 1289 1387 1416 1619 1405 1685 1808 - - 1891

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