The Undertones are a Northern Irish rock band from Derry, Northern Ireland. The band was founded in 1975 and consisted of the brothers John and Damian O'Neill on guitar, bassist Michael Bradley (musician), drummer Billy Doherty and singer Feargal Sharkey. In the early years, the band played only covers of other bands. In 1977, the band began to manufacture their own material and in 1978 came the debut single Teenage Kicks out. This song was a hit, not least thanks to the help of the English radio disc jockey John Peel, who appreciated the number in his radio show with 28 stars on a scale of one to five.

The original band has recorded four albums: The Undertones (1979), Hypnotised (1980), Positive Touch (1981) and The Sin Of Pride (1983). Disappointing sales results led to tensions within the band, which the members eventually broke up in 1983. In 1999, the band again together, with singer Feargal Sharkey was replaced by Paul McLoone. In 2003, the album was released and Get What You Need in the 2004 documentary The Undertones: Teenage Kicks. In the fall of 2007 the album Dig yourself Deep.


[hide]*1 Singles


  • Teenage Kicks (1978)
  • Get Over You (1979)
  • Jimmy Jimmy (1979)
  • Here Comes The Summer (1979)
  • You've Got My Number (Why Don't You Use It?) (1979)
  • My Perfect Cousin (1980)
  • Wednesday Week (1980)
  • It's Going To Happen! (1981)
  • Julie Ocean (1981)
  • Beautiful Friend (1981)
  • The Love Parade (1982)
  • Got to Have You Back (1982)
  • Chain of Love (1983)
  • Teenage Kicks (Republication, 1983)


  • The Undertones (1979)
  • Hypnotised (1980)
  • Positive Touch (1981)
  • The Sin of Pride (1983)
  • The Peel Sessions Album (The Undertones) (1989)
  • Get What You Need (2003)
  • Listening In: Radio Sessions 1978-1982 (Live) (2004)

Compilation albums[Edit]Edit

  • All Wrapped Up (1985)
  • Cher O'Bowlies-The Pick of the Undertones (1988)
  • The Very Best of The Undertones (1994)
  • True Confessions (Singles = a's & b 's) (2000)
  • The Best of The Undertones (Teenage Kicks) (2003)

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