Artist: Mike Keneally & Metropole Orkest

Date Released: September 7, 2004 (recorded September 2003)

Label: Favored Nations/NPS Output

Produced By:


  1. Blue 68
  2. All of Them Were Quiet
  3. Room
  4. Insert Here, Pt. 1
  5. Archaic Peace Strategies
  6. Four Slices of Toast
  7. Mwah 2
  8. Worrywart Spoonguy
  9. When Drums Dream
  10. Insert Here, Pt. 2
  11. Not Just Flutes
  12. Quiet?
  13. Bullies


I never really thought I would be in to an album that was basically a solo guitarist and a 50-piece orchestra, but godbless Mike Keneally for proving me wrong. The multi-instrumentalist Keneally is better known as Steve Vai’s replacement in the latter days of Frank Zappa’s band, but has also had a successful solo career, including a few Grammy’s. For this album, he has joined forces with Holland’s Metropole Orkest to create an album so grandiose that progressive rock will never be the same. For each song, Keneally fronts the large orchestra, which includes strings, reeds, brass, keyboards, guitars, basses, drums and percussion by playing either guitar (electric or acoustic) or piano. The result is strangely good, especially on the album closer, Bullies. Mpardaiolo

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