Artist: Broadway Project

Date Released: August 4, 2003 in Britain, 2005 in USA

Label: Memphis Industries

Produced By:


  1. Beauty
  2. I Believe in Superman
  3. Coming Back
  4. Beaten Dog
  5. Darkling
  6. Sufi
  7. Unborn
  8. Angel Heart
  9. For the One
  10. Manifesto (Stand Up)


Dan Berridge, the man behind the Broadway Project, makes music because he has to. He suffers from a chronic disease called myalgic encephalomyelitis which is a fancy name for chronic fatigue syndrome, where in most sufferers fall into deep states of depression. To prevent this, doctors recommend a creative output; Berridge bought a sampler. This album was actually released 2 years ago in Britain, Berridge’s home country, but it just now has found its way to the States. The Broadway Project’s sound is a melancholic blend of DJ Shadow inspired instrumental hip-hop, laid-back jazz and nicotine-stained lounge. The Vessel is a haunting and seductive album that wraps itself around a underlying feeling of cathartic acceptance painted in drab colors on an vast sonic canvas. It's not easy to manifest feelings into any medium, but Berridge really seems to be able to focus his emotions using his healing sampler as a catalyst. Mpardaiolo