Artist: The Residents

Label: RalphAmerica

Produced By: The Residents


  1. The Way We Were
  2. Lizard Lady
  3. Hello Skinny
  4. Picnic In The Jungle
  5. The Commerical Album Suite
  6. Coming Of The Crow / Eva's Warning
  7. Would We Be Alive
  8. Perfect Goat / Golden Goat
  9. The Sleeper
  10. Their Early Years
  11. Jelly Jack, The Boneless Boy
  12. Deadwood
  13. They Are The Meat / Mr. Misery
  14. Burn Baby Burn
  15. Life Would Be Wonderful
  16. Betty's Body
  17. Ober
  18. Teddy Bear
  19. Ship Of Fools
  20. The Way We Were Good Night


I've only heard the CD side yet (just got it yesterday!), but it's excellent. Understandably a bit more far-reaching than 13th Anniversary Show, being made 20 years later, it's also very similar, and features many of the same cuts (some strangely listed as being from that show, rather than their sources, like "Eva's Warning" (instead of Manual of Errors by Snakefinger, or "Picnic In The Jungle" from Snakefinger's Chewing Hides The Sound, but perhaps that's because they're similar arrangements. Either way, though, this is actually definitely worth picking up, and surprisingly, even though it's a Limited Edition release, a good place for a Neophyte to start! They only printed up 1000 of the suckers, so you should get yours pretty soon! - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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