"The Woman in You" is one of five songs the Bee Gees contributed to the film, Staying Alive, the sequel to Saturday Night Fever. Director Sylvester Stalloneused the Bee Gees songs in the movie more as background music rather than the prominent way Saturday Night Fever had featured them. The single received more airplay than the Bee Gees previous two singles, though not enough to reach a top 10 position. In interviews following the release of the film, the brothers expressed their displeasure at the way their songs were edited and revealed that their hearts were not in the music. By 1983, the Bee Gees were focusing their talents on solo projects and production of other artists, so it is not surprising that they were not all enthusiastic about the Staying Alive movie.


 [hide*1 History and background

History and background[edit]Edit

"The Woman In You" was the last track recorded for Staying Alive, and the lead single from the soundtrack.

Music video[edit]Edit

The video, directed by Brian Grant and conceptualised by Keith Williams[disambiguation needed], which did air in rotation on MTV, featured each brother in a working class job where they all come in contact with the same woman who lures them away.

Chart performance[edit]Edit

Chart Peak Position
Australia 73
Belgium 17
France 23
Germany 23
The Netherlands 21
Spain 2
United Kingdom 81
United States 24

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