The Woods Band was formed in 1970 by ex-Steeleye Span members Terry and Gay Woods. The band was formed just a few months after they had left Steeleye Span after personal disagreements with members.


Gay and Terry were still in Steeleye Span in the early part of 1970 but after some personal disagreements in the band, the Woods left shortly after the release of Steeleye's first album Hark! The Village Wait. The Woods began to slip out of the music scene as the they sank into relative obscurity.


However, soon found a folk-rock band of their own which they called The Woods Band, with guitarist Ed Deane and drummer Pat Nash. Terry Woods also wanted uilleann piper Paddy Keenan for the group, but didn't get him, though Keenan would go on to play with the Bothy Band. They begin to rehearse for the First album soon after forming.

The Woods Band AlbumEdit

The Woods Band released one self-titled album in December 1971 that actually sounded rather similar to, and held its own with, Steeleye Span's own early work. The record was a respectable mixture of traditional material and originals (largely from the pen of Terry Woods), with standard rock instruments embellished by mandola, concertina, autoharp, dulcimer, bodhran, and harpsichord.

A Touring BandEdit

Before The Woods Band tour Gay and Terry briefly join and toured with folk band Dr. Strangely Strange in late 1971. After the release of their first album the Woods band began to tour across the united kingdom and Ireland from 1972 to 1974. In the time the band was touring their record label Greenwich Gramophone Company went under leaving their album out of print. The Band had to choice but to tour to make money to support their self's until the Ireland division of Polydor gave the band a single release in 1974, the A and B sides were both penned by Gay and Terry but the single failed to chart and the band split in 1974.



  • The Woods Band (1971) GGC


  • "The Time Is Right"/"The Hymn" (1974) Polydor

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