Artist: DJ Xefuzion

DJ Xefuzion - Mixtape - The Xplozion Mixtape (Original Version) - Front
DJ Xefuzion - Mixtape - The Xplozion Mixtape (Original Version) - Back

Date Released: 2006

Label: J4L Records

Produced By: DJ Xefuzion


  1. Intro Ft. Oscar
  2. Be Somebody Remix
  3. High Road Remix
  4. High Voltage Remix
  5. Interlude 2 Ft. DJ Zap
  6. Kenji Remix
  7. Petrified Remix
  8. Red 2 Black Remix
  9. Slip Out The Back Remix
  10. There They Go Remix
  11. Right Now Remix
  12. Interlude 2 Ft. DJ Zap
  13. Where'd You Go Remix
  14. Get Me Gone Remix


This is the second Mixtape released by DJ Xefuzion in hard CD format. The original version is Explicit and features Remixes of Fort Minor tracks, along with special guest artists, including DJ Zap (who also appeared on DJ Xefuzion's The Xperience Mixtape (Original Version) Mixtape).

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