Founded: early 1980s

Headquarters: Seattle, WA

Website Link(s): YFF LJ Community; Universal Trendsetter




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The Young Fresh Fellows formed in 1983 and had some minor success, mainly on College Radio (and overseas; they were big in Spain and Japan!). They're typically a band that's more respected than known; one of the big places people tend to know of them is from They Might Be Giants' song "Twisting", which mentioned them (and The dBs) by name. The members all have worked in and with lots of other bands. Their most popular songs are probably "Rock 'n' Roll Pest Control" and "Amy Grant".

Below is a guide to the various Young Fresh Fellows releases and could not have been put together without the invaluable assistance of Christophe Claessens' excellent site devoted to the many projects of Scott McCaughey.





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