Theatre of Hate was a British new wave or post-punkGroup. The Group was founded in 1980 by Kirk Brandon, singer, guitarist and composer. In 1982, Theatre of Hate transformed into Spear of Destiny.


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The Pack[Edit]Edit

Theatre of Hate grew out of The Pack, a punk band that was founded in 1978 by Kirk Brandon and released two singles in 1979. In 1980, The Pack turned into Theatre of Hate.

Theatre of Hate[Edit]Edit

Theatre of Hate began in the following composition:

  • Kirk Brandon, vocals and guitar
  • Stan Sajjad, bass
  • Luke Rendle was replaced by Nigel Preston, drums-in 1981
  • Steve Guthrie, guitar-in 1981, replaced by Billy Duffy
  • John ' Boy ' Lennard, sax.

The first single was released In november 1980 Original Sin. In Britain the Group achieved several top 20 quotes in the Indie top. Theatre of Hate had above all a strong live reputation. The group released several live albums. Beginning 1982 appeared the only studio-album, Westworld, with the single Do you believe in the Westworld, which is also in Netherlands and Belgium for fame made. The Group appeared in Tivoli's NV-House. The importance of the Group was illustrated by three Peel sessions that they gave: december 1980, August 1981 and February 1982. At the end of 1982 the group broke down. Afterwards a few studio albums were released with material that had already been recorded. Back In april 2007 there was a short tour by Theatre of Hate in commemoration of 25 years of Westworld.

Since 2012 is the Theatre of Hate, with an annual number of times again on next to Kirk Brandon also Stan Sajjad and John ' Boy ' Lennard back in the group.

Spear of Destiny[Edit]Edit

Kirk Brandon and Stan Sajjad pointed still end Spear of Destiny on the 1982 group. Their first album, Grapes of Wrath, is even more like a Theatre of Hate album considered because the material was already largely ready during the existence of this group. Include the typical sax there was still prominent. Later it changed the style of Spear of Destiny somewhat. Sajjad left the group in 1986, but Spear of Destiny still exists.




  • Westworld (1982)
  • Ten Years After (1993) (contains various songs from the first album by Spear of Destiny)
  • Aria of the Devil (1998)


  • He Who Dares Wins (1981)
  • Live At The Lyceum (1981)
  • He Who Dares Wins: Live In Berlin (1982)
  • Original Sin Live (1982, released in 1985)
  • Love is a Ghost (live 14/6/1981) (released in 2000)


  • Revolution (1984)
  • The Complete Singles Collection (1995)
  • Theatre of Hate Act 1 (1998) (combination of Revolution and Live in Sweden)
  • Theatre of Hate Act 2 (1998) (combination of Ten years After and He Who Dares Wins)
  • Theatre of Hate Act 3 (1998) (combines Retribution and Bingley Hall)
  • Theatre of Hate Act 4 (1998) (combination of The Sessions and Live at the Astoria)
  • Theatre of Hate Act 5 (1998) (combination of The Singles and He Who Dares Wins)
  • The Best of Theatre of Hate (2000)


Title Released
"Original Sin"/"Legion" November 1980
"Rebel Without A Brain"/"My Own Invention" April 1981
"Nero"/"Incinerator" July 1981
"Do You Believe In The West World"/"Propaganda" January 1982
"The Hop"/"Conquistador" May 1982
"Eastworld"/"Assegai" November 1982
"Americanos" not released

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