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Artist: Frank Zappa

Date Released: October 1984

Label: Rykodisc

Produced By: Frank Zappa


  1. The Closer You Are (03:01)
  2. In France (03:32)
  3. Ya Hozna (06:27)
  4. Sharleena (04:35)
  5. Sinister Footwear II (08:40)
  6. Truck Driver Divorce (09:04)
  7. Stevie's Spanking (05:24)
  8. Baby, Take Your Teeth Out (01:53)
  9. Marque-son's Chicken (07:36)
  10. Planet Of My Dreams (01:40)
  11. Be In My Video (03:41)
  12. Them Or Us (05:09)
  13. Frogs With Dirty Little Lips (02:46)
  14. Whipping Post (07:35)

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