Artist: Negativland

Album: A Big 10-8 Place

Appears On (Mixes): De Revrum's Crash Course In De Muzikum Educatchum

Song Notes: All of these notes are written long after the creation of the original mixtape, but whatever. For a while, I was kind of obsessed with this song. It's still a really great one. One of the handful of more song-based Negativland songs, this has The Weatherman singing and telling a story, which is sort of a prelude to the full project. And it's got a really catchy hook -- "1, 2, Stupid! 3, 4 Dumb! 5, 6 Idiotic! 7, 8 Seat-Bee-Sate! Very Stupid! Very Stupid! Very Stupid! Very Stupid!" Anyway, though, I like this one a lot. I'm surprised I never got around to putting it on anything else. Wiggy. - Rev. Syung Myung Me


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