Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt (New York City (New York), 27 October 1858 - Oyster Bay (New York), January 6, 1919) was an American politician of the Republican party. He was the 26th president of the United States from 1901 to 1909.

Roosevelt a historian and author of job was from 1897 to 1898 Minister of State for the Navy in the Cabinet of president William McKinley and from 1899 to 1900 the 33rd Governor of New York. For the presidential election of 1900 he was the running mate of president William McKinley and was chosen as the 25th Vice President of the United States. Died on september 14, 1901 after president William McKinley and Roosevelt succeeded him. an assassination attempt during the presidential election of 1904 , he became the first former Vice President chosen for its specific deadline after the death of his predecessor. In 1906 Roosevelt received as first American the Nobel Peace Prize.

After his presidency, Roosevelt went on safaris by Africa and South America. Roosevelt did in vain an attempt during the presidential election of 1912 for a new term as a candidate for the Progressive Party. Roosevelt died at the age of 60 on the consequences of an embolism on 6 January 1919.


[hide]*1 For his presidency

For his presidency[Edit]Edit

[1]Roosevelt in 1898

Theodore Roosevelt, born in 1858, came from an affluent family with Turnhout[1roots. About-about-great-grandfather Pieter Loockermans lived around 1630 along with his brother and sister in Turnhout. Because they were Protestant, they had to flee.First they came in Netherlands and later in New York. Thanks to the fur trade they amassed power and money. The brother of Pieter was at that time the richest man in America. Theodore Roosevelt suffered from asthma and other ailments. By his temperament he felt nothing for a life of idleness. In 1880 he completed his studies at the University of Harvard. Shortly thereafter, he was as Republican in the House of representatives of the State New York chosen. A worsening of his asthma and the death of his first wife did Roosevelt decide to go to the West. There he worked for two years as a rancher. After Roosevelt had returned to the East, he held various functions. He was Minister of State for the Navy. In 1898 the Spanish-American war broke out. Roosevelt came from behind his desk to throw themselves in the fight. He was commander of a cavalry unit voluntary and moisture on Cuba. The exploits of Roosevelt and his Rough Riders in America made him a national hero. [source? ]From 1895 to 1897 he was Police Commissioner of New York City.

When mixed Roosevelt in the political struggle. He was elected Governor of the State of New York and began an action against corruption in politics. The Republican leaders ensured that Roosevelt under William McKinley to the presidential elections as a candidate for presidential took part. They hoped that Roosevelt as Vice President would hit sunk, so they would have any more trouble from him. It picked up McKinley in 1901 was different: six months after his swearing in for his second term as president is shot by an anarchist. With an age of 42 years was Roosevelt the youngest president ever.


Roosevelt during the two Governments were established, among others, the following matters:

  • Interior:
    • Strengthening of Government control on large companies, by legal attacks on business monopolies. He founded a Ministry for trade and labor that the jurisdiction got investigate violations of the existing antitrust laws.
    • Pure Food and Drug Act (law on the purity of food and medicines). It was the first Government measure to protect consumers.
    • National parks.
  • Abroad:
    • His motto for Foreign Affairs was speak softly but carry a big stick ("speak softly, but carry a big stick at you"). He explained, despite the refusal of Colombia, the basis for the construction of the Panama CanalPanama was at that time a Colombian province. Roosevelt supported a Panamanian rebellion and could in 1904 the Canal zone of the new Panamanian Government purchases for the amount of $ 10 million.
    • For his mediation between Japan and Russia and the creation of the Treaty of Portsmouth that ended the Russo-Japanese war , he was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1906 for the peace.
    • The following year sent Roosevelt a u.s. representative to the Conference on the crisis between France and Germany over Morocco had broken out. America made important contributions to the preparation of the agreement, which was the result of the Conference.

The teddy bear is to Roosevelt because his nickname ' Teddy ' and because he was on a hunting trip ever refused to kill a bear cub. He had, moreover, itself a hate his nickname and his family members called him never so.

[2]Roosevelt family portrait in 1903==Later life[Edit]==

As president Roosevelt was succeeded by William Howard Taft. When he left the White House he was, 50 years old, the youngest ex-president ever. Shortly afterwards he went on safari through Africa, a great desire of Roosevelt.

In 1912 Roosevelt wanted another stab at the Presidency, but the Republican party nominated William Howard Taft that sitting president in 1908 by Roosevelt himself was nominated as president. After this, he founded his own party: the Progressive Party also known as the Bull Moose Party called. He was nominated withHiram Johnson as vice-presidential running-mate.

Roosevelt lost the election of Democrat Woodrow Wilson, but was second in the race, before president William Howard Taftsitting. It was the first time that a sittingpresident finished third in the election campaign .

In 1913 he went again on safari, this time by South America. Roosevelt became seriously ill during the trip and almost succumbed to malaria. Roosevelt recovered, but was severely weakened;He proposed that the trip had cost half of his life.

He died on 6 January 1919 to an embolism at the age of 60.


  • Eleanor Roosevelt, the wife of the later u.s. president Franklin d. Roosevelt, was a niece of Theodore Roosevelt. FDR himself was also a distant cousin of him.
  • Theodore Roosevelt's birthplace at 28 East 20th Street, between Broadway and Park Avenue South, is reconstructed and open to visitors for a fee. Here are ' Rough Rider '-Hat depends among other things, by Roosevelt worn in the American-Spanish war.
  • In 1912 he was during campaign for presidential elections, when leaving his hotel on the way to the Milwaukee auditorium where he would like a reason, hit by a bullet fired by John Flammang Schrank. The bullet had cut through his thick speech and his fifty pages folded steel glasses case gone and had stuck in his chest. Because he is not a blood ophoestte, Roosevelt concluded correctly that his lungs were not hit and left only investigations in the hospital, after keeping his one and a half hour speech. Investigation showed that the bullet was 76 mm deep, but had hit nothing essential. The bullet was not removed, because seemed more dangerous to operate. The long rede felt saved his life. [2[3[4]
  • General Theodore Roosevelt Jr., Commander on Utah Beach in Normandy, was his son.
  • In the films of the Night at the Museumseries, the role of (the wax figure of) Theodore Roosevelt portrayed by Robin Williams.

Roosevelt in 1903Overview video==Cabinet members under Roosevelt[Edit]==

Cabinet Members Ministry Period Details
John Hay Foreign Affairs 1901-1905 Same under McKinley
Ethan Hitchcock Home Affairs 1901-1907 Same under McKinley
Elihu Root War 1901-1904 Same under McKinley
Foreign Affairs 1905-1909
Lyman Gage Finance 1901-1902 Same under McKinley
Phil Other Knox Justice 1901-1904 The same Foreign Affairs under McKinley + Taft
James Wilson Agriculture 1901-1909 McKinley Idem + Taft
James Long Marine 1901-1902 Same under McKinley
Charles Emory Smith Mail 1901-1902 Same under McKinley
Leslie Shaw Finance 1902-1907
William Moody Marine 1902-1904
Justice 1904-1906
Henry Payne Mail 1902-1904
George Cortelyou Economic Affairs & Labor 1903-1904
Mail 1905-1907
Finance 1907-1909
William Howard Taft War 1904-1908 27th president of the United States
Victor Metcalf Economic Affairs & Labor 1904-1906
Marine 1906-1908
Paul Morton Marine 1904-1905
Robert Wynne Mail 1904-1905
Charles Bonaparte Marine 1905-1906
Justice 1906-1909
Oscar Solomon Straus Economic Affairs & Labor 1906-1909
James Rudolph Garfield Home Affairs 1907-1909
George von Meyer Mail 1907-1909 Minister of Marine under Taft
Luke Wright War 1908-1909
Truman Newberry Marine 1908-1909
Robert Bacon Foreign Affairs 190

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