Therapy? is a rock band from Northern Ireland.


[hide]*1 Biography


The band was founded in 1989 by guitarist/vocalist Andy Cairns from Ballyclare and drummer Fyfe Ewing from LarneNorthern IrelandFyfe Ewing left Therapy? in 1996 and was first replaced by Graham Hopkinsand later by Neil Cooper. The band recorded their first demo with Cairns on the bass. To complete the Group was bassist Michael McKeegan adopted. Especially by his wild livespel he became a known face of the group.

Later, also a guitarist/cellist Martin McCarrick there. With his cello, he a separate value added, which is especially on Infernal Love is clearly evident, although he on that album not officially to Therapy? had joined.This only happened at the semi-detachedalbum. Although the repertoire of Therapy? mostly rugged called falls, became with the ballad Diane, a cover of Hüsker Dü, scored the biggest hit in 1995 . The Dutch Top 40in the obtained a 11th place.

The albums Troublegum and Infernal Love led to a breakthrough at the general public which is recognized in the uncompromising lyrics about growing up, fear, love and the mutual relations of these three. Therapy?Rock Werchter capped on the music festival for an ever-growing fan base. With semi-detached and Suicide Pact-You First , however, they returned in the late 1990s some more harder consciously back to their beginning and an existence outside the classical hit parade music.

Martin McCarrick left Therapy? in 2004, which brings the current number of three group members again.

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