Artist: They Might Be Giants

Date Released: 1989

Label: Bar/None

Produced By: Bill Krauss


  1. They'll Need A Crane
  2. It's Not My Birthday
  3. I'll Sink Manhattan
  4. Nightgown Of The Sullen Moon


This is probably one of the few singles recorded to feature the NYPD with a performance credit (they, too, left a message on Dial-A-Song, saying something along the lines of "Hey, this is the NYPD, and we love you" -- this message was reversed and is used to open "I'll Sink Manhattan"). The lead single from Lincoln (though I believe "Ana Ng" was released first as a video and promo single), it's one of the standard They Might Be Giants falling out of love songs (as is "I'll Sink Manhattan"). Like Don't Let's Start. the B-sides are a little more accessible than some of the other stuff; if you wanted to start with one of the Bar/None EPs and didn't want to just, you know, friggin' get Miscellaneous T or Then, this'd probably be the one to start with. Even over the not-actually-released Purple Toupee EP. - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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