Artist: They Might Be Giants (with appearances by M. Doughty, Philip Glass, Michael Meredith, Ann Cummings, Erika Kawalek, Arthur Bradford, Free Cooperation)

Date Released: 2001

Label: McSweeney's

Produced By: They Might Be Giants, Pat Dillett, Others

Tracklisting: (All Tracks By They Might Be Giants unless otherwise noted.)

  1. Theme From McSweeney's Issue 6
  2. The Ballad Of Timothy McSweeney
  3. MOR
  4. Dollar For Dollar
  5. Oprah
  6. Garden Of Eden
  7. West Virginia - John Linnell
  8. Koenigstein
  9. It's Getting Late
  10. Daphne (Soundtrack) - Michael Meredith
  11. She Thinks She's Edith Head
  12. Mr. And Mrs. Nuclear
  13. Bangs
  14. Modern Love Waltz - Philip Glass
  15. Faster Better Now
  16. Be Patient
  17. God's Sister Jessica
  18. Grassroots Internet Revolution
  19. Billy By The Bay - Ann Cummings
  20. Swimming Hole - Erika Kawalek
  21. Mosh Momken Abadan
  22. Even My T-Shirt
  23. The Army's Tired Now
  24. Drinkin'
  25. Gazing Out Toward
  26. Frog And Banjo - Mike Doughty
  27. I Am 40: Memories Of West Street And Lepke
  28. Lincoln, Washington, And That Jefferson Guy
  29. Bathymetry For Two
  30. Art Mover
  31. People Died Today
  32. The Truth In Your Words
  33. C-Town
  34. Roslyn's Dog - Arthur Bradford
  35. Softly
  36. Slow
  37. Be Kind And Gentle
  38. Candy Stripers
  39. Girls In Their Turning
  40. The Life Of Doug
  41. R U Together
  42. Mona Lisa
  43. To A Text By Ad Reinhardt - Free Cooperation
  44. Theme From McSweeney's Issue 6 - Thank Yous


I have this to thank for getting me into one of my other obsessions, McSweeney's. I bought this when it came out for the They Might Be Giants CD, and ended up reading the book (as the disc is a soundtrack to the stories and pictures) and discovered it to be really good. So, there you go. Most of the songs on here don't really work without their source material (and a lot of them are brief snippets or instrumentals), but some of them are real stand outs, like "I Am 40: Memories Of West Street And Lepke", based on the writings of Robert Lowell. If you see a copy of this, pick it up because it's not only a pretty cool disc (and provides a few different glimpses at songs like "Bangs"), and a pretty cool book, but, hey, it goes for something like $50 now, so at least you can think of it as an investment. You know, if you're kinda an asshole. - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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