Thilo Martinho (born as Thilo Herrmann, July 8, 1960 in Kiel) is a german singer, songwriter, guitarist und musician.

Biography Edit

Thilo Herrmann, son of the classical concert-singer Ingeborg Reichelt, played first piano, drums and bass and added at the age of 19 the guitar. He played finger-style on acoustic steel-string guitars.

In the years 1980 Thilo Herrmann was touring in Germany and Europe. Impressed by a Paco de Lucia concert, he changed to nylon-string guitars and entered the world of classical and flamenco guitar. Shortly after that he moved to Spain, to Andalusia, and lived for years as a flamenco guitarist in Sevilla and Cadiz. In the year 1995 came an intense decisive point in Thilo's life that changed everything: After a genetically caused brain-bleeding and the resulting operation he was hospitalised for a long time and ended up sitting in a wheelchair with hemiplegia. He was given no hope of resuming guitar playing, the motor activity of the right half of his body was lost. During the following years, he started to sing and worked as singer / songwriter and bossa-nova-musician. In 2005, reasons of copy-right made him change to the artist-name "Thilo Martinho", and in 2007 he released on his own label "musaraña records" the album "I Am". This cd is the result of a musical journey between folk, bossa-nova, flamenco and world-music.

Thilo Martinho has surmounted his disease and since 2006 he is touring again: as singer and guitarist.

Discography Edit


  • 2003: Roam & Ride Thilo Herrmann & Calima (temple records)
  • 2007: I Am (musaraña records)

Weblinks Edit

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