Think About Life
by Think About Life
Released May 2, 2006
Label Alien8


  1. Paul Cries
  2. Bastian and the Boar
  3. Commander Riker's Party
  4. Fireworks
  5. Money
  6. In Her Hands
  7. Serious Chords
  8. What the Future Might Be feat. Subtitle
  9. Slow-Motion Slam-Dunk from the Free-Throw Line
  10. The Blue Sun


OK, another energetic indie-pop band from Montreal, let’s get out the hype checklist. 1. Signed to a hometown indie-label with a penchant for signing hype-worthy bands: singed to Alien8 Recordings (home to Les Georges Leningrad, Lesbians on Ecstasy, now defunct The Unicorns), check. 2. Is either a trio or a large collective, preferably share vocal duties: made up of a guitar-less trio all of which share vocal duties, check. 3. Must play a brand of indie-pop, preferably in a style all their own: create extremely energetic, synth-driven indie-pop that drones as much as it gets the feet moving, half check (not overtly original). 4. Enlists an equally eccentric indie-hop emcee for a guest appearance: L.A.’s Subtitle drops a verse or two on What the Future Might Be, check. 5. Steals a coveted opening slot for another Montreal indie-pop band with even more hype: opening for Wolf Parade, check and a half. With five full checks, it looks like Montreal’s possible ‘next big thing,’ Think About Life, is ready for over-energetic, colorful reviews and the resulting scoffs from us music-addicts who refuse to listen to anything the press says is good (yet somehow the albums always end up near the top of our Audioscrobbler playlists). But all review motifs aside, the Montreal trio does create moderately addictive indie-pop blasts of droney synths and urgent vocals in the vein of The Unicorns and a less polished Volcano, I’m Still Excited!! I also dig the raw, poorly produced vibe of the record; it adds a necessary characteristic that their sound would sorely miss without. If the band’s live show is as good as their press release says, they could have a bright future in front of them. Mpardaiolo

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