Third is a 1970 album from the British band Soft Machine. This double LP was the third album of the group. Each side of both plates contained a long composition. The group completed its transition on Third of the psychedelic sound of the first two albums to the jazz fusion they would bring the following years. It was an important milestone in the Canterbury scene, with a change in the occupancy of the group.


  1. "Facelift" – 18: 45
  2. "Slightly All the Time" – 18: 12
  3. "Moon in June" – 19: 08
  4. "Out-Bloody-Rageous" – 19: 10

A reissue on cd from Sony BMG 2007 contained a complete live album Live at the Proms 1970 as a bonus. This album was previously released on the small independent label Reckless Records in 1988. It was included on the The BBC Proms in the Royal Albert Hall on 13 August 1970 for BBC Radio 3.


Guest Musicians:

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