"This I Swear" is the second single from the album Now & Forever released by Kim Wilde in 1996.

The single was issued in 1996 in a slightly different form to that found on the album. Several extended remixes were also found on the 12" and CD-single formats. Another track from the same album, "Heaven" was used as the B-side and also underwent several remixes. The UK 12" single also contained a remix of the previous single, "Breakin' Away".

The following versions are available:

This I swear (radio mix)
This I swear (Wilde remix)

Heaven (Original 12")
Heaven (Matt Darey 12")
Heaven (Matt Darey dub)
Heaven (Matt Darey 7")
Heaven (Eddy Fingers Vocal)
Heaven (Eddy Fingers dub)

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