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Artist: The Residents

Album: 20 Twisted Questions, Icky Flix, Live At The Fillmore

Appears On (Mixes): Obligatory Mix Vol. 1

Song Notes: This is one of those songs that tends to have many different spellings on the title. Sometimes it's This Is A Man's Man's Man's World, or "This Is A Man's World", or even just "Man's World". Why this version? Why not? Anyway, though, this one's taken from a single, although the video for it is excellent. Actually, the bulk of the video is sort of eh—it's mainly early computer graphics; however, the last quarter or so of it completely makes up for everything by having some of the most amazing imagery ever. I love the final shot of the man with the robotic baby doll head. That is just awesome. Anyway, this one's a live version from the RalphAmerica Live At The Fillmore album. It's not great sound quality, but it's a cool version. And a long one, too! -Rev. Syung Myung Me


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