Artist: Buck 65

Date Released:

Label: V2

Produced By:



Have you ever wondered what Johnny Cash would sound like if he was an underground rapper? Yea, me neither, but that’s the best description I have for Richard Terfry, aka Buck 65. On the scene already for about ten years, the Halifax emcee raps with a low grumble over beats that are complimented with a folksy tinge. Buck’s lyrics are the perfect fit to his style, picturesque narratives that you would call storytelling if it wasn’t over a beat. Track 1 is the closest thing to a hip-hop track. Track 2 is a hilarious tale about a Centaur with a huge package, which is told over two acoustic guitars and an acoustic bass with a few extra bells and whistles. Track 3 is a pretty good dub, and Track 4 is a very well written spoken word. I have a feeling that the full length will be good. Mpardaiolo

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