Artist: Buck 65

Date Released: Janruary 25, 2005

Label: V2

Produced By:


  1. Bandits
  2. B. SC.
  3. Cries a Girl
  4. Wicked and Weird
  5. Centaur
  6. Roses and Bluejays
  7. Out of Focus
  8. Talking Fishing Blues
  9. 463
  10. Pants on Fire
  11. Phil
  12. Craftsmanship


I have mixed feelings about the gravel voiced Richard Terfry aka Buck 65… on the one hand he has a very creative and innovative style of taking hip-hop and influencing it heavily with country-folk, but on the other hand, I have heard so much about this album recently, I’m not sure it lives up to the hype. The biggest misconception about it is that it’s a new album; actually it’s a compilation of a handful of old songs that were re-mastered by V2 to bring to a larger audience. In fact only 3 of the songs on the album are new. Another miss, is the fact that everyone keeps slating him as an amazing rapper, well his rather slow and drawn out delivery is nothing really special. What Buck really excels at is his story-telling and vocal delivery, which compliments each other very well. Basically he is a country-folk artist with beats, which is the biggest appeal of all, especially to us not really too big on that genre. The beats are also extremely well done, which are for the most part are live instruments over steady drum beats. I am afraid to say though that This Right Here has been the victim of too much hype, though a victory in its innovativeness and originality. Mpardaiolo

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