Artist: Fuck

Date Released: July 20, 2004

Label: Future Farmer

Produced By:


  1. Motherfuckeroos
  2. No Longer Whistler's Dream Date
  3. Firing Squad
  4. Jazz Idiodyssey
  5. Her Plastic Acupuncture
  6. Vegas
  7. Hulk Baby
  8. A Conversation
  9. A Vow
  10. Hideout
  11. Table
  12. Olives vs. Cherries
  13. Nowhen, or "Now, Hen"
  14. Good Eavnin'
  15. How to Say
  16. The Sandy Man's Name is not "Sandy"


Now here is an interesting band… Fuck, originally formed while being detained in a prison holding cell, emerged on the scene in 1994 with an array of 7 inches on multiple labels. After a slew of underground (as if they could ever be mainstream with the band name) releases, they eventually signed to Matador in 97. Seven years and a few acclaimed discs later, Fuck returns with an album that is impossible to categorize as just one genre. As Those Are Not My Bongos progresses from breathy pop to loose jazz to slowcore to punk-lite and eventually into country-tinged ballads. The one consistency throughout the album seems to be the mellow tempo withheld, but just as you get comfortable with the speed, it picks up with A Vow before slowing down even more after Table. There are also very good instrumentals with Jazz Idiodyssey and Good Eavnin'. Overall, this is a solid release from a band that has excells in mixing it up. Mpardaiolo