Thoughts Paint The Sky (own spelling: thoughts paint the sky, often shorten as TPTS) was an Acoustic Screamo Band from Essen, Germany.

History Edit

Daniel Senzek founded this band with Irina Grefen (acoustic guitar) and Stefan Schmid (drums) back in 2005. Even in 2005 they released their first EP ...and the coulour is your choice, limited CD release, later digitally released on Digital Kunstrasen and Analog & Ehrlich. During their band activity there was a permanent change of band members that left Daniel Senzek the only founding member. At the year-end 2011 they released their fourth album Nicht mal mehr wir selbst on Midsummer Records.

The band announced to be disbanded in October 2012. Before that, they played their last gig on September 28, 2012 at the EMO in Essen (Germany)

Sound and Style Edit

TPTS differs from other Hardcore and Screamo bands by using acoustic guitars. Instead of rough guitar riffs there are some spheric and calm parts with spoken or screamed vocals in it. The lyrics are mostly written in german, sometimes bilingual (german and english).

Other band activities Edit

Daniel Senzek is also band member of Ass Slut and Kosslowski. In 2007 he was band member of the short living band Chief Inspector Dreyfus Thomas Völtl is also band member of Ass Slut and so known to Daniel. In 2009 he joined TPTS after Martin Eggmann left. Since 2012 the follow up band of TPTS named Nora Yeux started and strongly reminds of Kosslowski's band members

Links Edit

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