BMTH - Throne
by Bring Me the Horizon
Released 23 July 2015
Recorded Black Rock Studios in Santorini, Greece
Genre Nu metal, electronic rock
Length 3:11
Label Sony, Columbia
Producer Fish, Sykes
Bring Me the Horizon chronology

"Throne" is a song by the English rock band Bring Me the Horizon, released on 23 July 2015 as the second single from their fifth studio album That's the Spirit. The song has been described as nu metal,[1] and electronic rock.[2] It served as the main theme song for a WWE special, NXT TakeOver: Respect.


Aoife Daly at Vulture Hound Magazine praised the song for its "catchy" chorus, and its overall lighter sound compared to the band's older material, stating "The focus on more electronic sounds rather than old school death metal characteristics shows the band’s true growth and determination to constantly improve."[3]

Music videoEdit

A music video for "Throne" was released on 23 July 2015.[4] The video was described as "a ludicrous video that'll have your retina stapled to the computer screen for the next week" by Team Rock, where they do an analysis of it.[5]


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