Artist: The Handsome Family

Date Released: January 26, 1998

Label: Carrot Top

Produced By: David Trumfio


  1. Weightless Again
  2. My Sister's Tiny Hands
  3. Stalled
  4. Where The Birch Trees Lean
  5. Cathedrals
  6. Down In The Ground
  7. The Giant Of Illinois
  8. Down In The Valley Of Hollow Logs
  9. I Fell
  10. The Woman Downstairs
  11. Last Night I Went Out Walking
  12. Bury Me Here
  13. My Ghost


They don't even have a record out this year (their last was Singing Bones, which came out in 2002), so I listed my favorite of theirs. They're another group. Darkly funny lyrics, but also a lot that are really touching and beautiful. Even though Through the Trees is my favorite, Live At Schuba's is very good as well (and you get the hilarious between-song banter with that one), and this might actually be the better album to start with. Also recommended: Rennie Sparks' (the lyricist) book Evil. Apparently they've got a new record coming out soon. - Rev. Syung Myung Me