Time Out of Mind is the thirtieth album by Bob Dylan, released in 1997 by Columbia Records. [1it was his first double album since 1970 's Self Portrait . It is both on vinyland CD released.

The album marked Dylan's artistic comeback, after he struggled in the 1980s with his musical identity. He had since Under the Red Sky (1990) no more original material released. Is Time Out of Mind -by both professional critics and by the public-regarded as one of Dylan's best albums. So it won three Grammy Awards, including the Grammy Award for best album of the year. [2was Time Out of Mind by Uncut Magazine named "Album of the Year". In Rolling Stone's list of The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time , this album on the 408ste position. [3[4In 2006, this album by the magazine Time in the "all-time 100 Albums" recorded. [5]

Shortly after the album was recorded, ran this on Dylan pericarditis . infectious disease, which was almost fatal to him, he had to cancel his tour. [6[7]


 [hide]*1 the emergence

The emergence[Edit]Edit

The album Under the Red Sky (1990) was Dylan's last album of original material and this turned out to be in many respects a disappointment. Since then released two albums with covers and a live album with older work. He brought no new compositions until 1996.

Special about this album is that Dylan is a number of pilot-recordings of some songs in the studio made, something he rarely did. According to the drummer, Winston Watson, was Dylan at these sessions supported by a part of the band where he also occurs. He used these informal sessions to experiment with new ideas. For example, in one of these sessions the improvised riff that would be later used for the song "Dirt Road Blues". "Can't Wait" and "Not Dark Yet" also came during these early sessions.According to Lanois differs the early recording of "Not Dark Yet" considerably on the final recording. (The demo of ' Not Dark Yet ' was faster and Balder, Dylan changed during the formal studio sessions it in a ballad about the American civil war.) [8]

Dylan remained until January 1997, when the official recording sessions began, edit the lyrics . This album is the second collaboration between Dylan and producer Daniel Lanois, the previously chosen by Dylan's Oh Mercy (1989) had produced. [9Lanois had just the production of the album Wrecking Ball by Emmylou Harris completed, when Dylan asked him to produce Time Out of Mind . For the album were slideguitarist Cindy cashdollar and drummers Jim Keltner and Brian Blade hired. Cashdollar and Blade were hired by Lanois while Dylan caused Keltner played a part. Keltner had previously (in 1979) already toured with Dylan. In addition, Dylan hired guitarist Bob BrittDuke Robillard, organist Augie Meyers and Jim Dickinson to play at the recording sessions.

Dylan has indicated that Buddy Holly had been of great importance during the recording sessions. (You know, I don't remember exactly what I said about Buddy Holly, but while recording it was Buddy Holly. You know what I mean? It was one of those things. Wherever you came. You walked through a hallway and you heard Buddy Holly's songs, such as "that'll Be the Day". Then you got in your car to go to the studio and "Rave On" was turned. Then you ran into the studio and someone played a cassette of "it's So Easy". And such a thing would happen day after day. Lyrics by Buddy Holly came out of nowhere. It was creepy. [Laughs] But if we had taken up and left, you know, then it continued to hang in our heads. Well, the spirit of Buddy Holly must have been somewhere, this plate to influence.)

Dylan told in 1997 in an interview that the songs on the album naturally together because they share a certain kind of skepticism . The song "Highlands" lasts sixteen minutes, making it the longest composition that Dylan has ever recorded. The theme of this song has Dylan retrieved from a poem by Robert Burns, called "My heart's in the Highlands".

In an interview, Lanois of the song "standing in the Doorway": Bob and I ... then went to the parking lot, because he never discussed in the presence of the band about ' intimate details ' of the numbers. As the song "standing in the Doorway". I said, ' listen, I love the song "Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands". We can not use that same feeling for this song? ' And he said ' do you think that would work? ' Then we sat on the bumper of a truck, on this parking lot in Miami, and I thought people would see this as ever ', they would not believe it! Bob Dylan and I just sat there, playing guitar, chords to figure out for a session '! [8]

The album is characterised by a spatial atmosphere, largely caused by the producer Daniel Lanois. His innovative work with carefully placed microphones and strategic mixing was mode by Dylan in the first volume of his memoirs, Chronicles, vol. 1, described. Although Dylan is generally complimentary about Lanois, particularly about his work on the 1989 album Oh Mercy , he was not satisfied with the sound of Time Out of Mind.He has produced his later albums.


The song "Make You Feel My Love" is both by Billy Joel and Garth Brooks under the title "To Make You Feel My Love" recorded. Joel recorded the song for his Greatest Hits Vol. III. Brooks initially recorded the song for the soundtrack of Hope Floats, but also brought it out on his album Fresh Horses and on his compilation album The Ultimate Hits. In 2008 the British singer Adele Adkins had a big hit with her cover of "Make You Feel My Love". [10her rendition appeared on the album "19"[11and in 2009 was the highest listed number of a female artist (number 28) in the Top 2000. [12]


All songs written by Bob Dylan.

Side one
Nr. Title Duration
1. Love Sick   5: 21
2. Dirt Road Blues   3: 36
3. Standing in the Doorway   7: 43 am
4. Million Miles   5: 52
Side two
Nr. Title Duration
5. Tryin' to Get to Heaven   5: 21
6. 'Til I Fell in Love with You   5: 17
7. Not Dark Yet   6: 29 am
Side three
Nr. Title Duration
8. Cold Irons Bound   7: 15 am
9. Make You Feel My Love   3: 32
10. Can't Wait   5: 47
Side four
Nr. Title Duration
11. Highlands   16: 31


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