Artist: The Aquabats

Album: Yo, Check Out This Ride!

Appears On (Mixes): As Promised, The Future!

Song Notes: ( I’m sure I don’t have to introduce you to The Aquabats. I have to admit, I was a bigger fan when their music edged closer to ska, but when they come right out and say in their lyrics, “Devo was my favourite band” – you have to expect a move away from the horns and toward more goofy electronic stuff, I suppose. They used to have the story behind this song on the website, but I can’t find it anymore – it was inspired by a jacket they saw somewhere. Which tells you how their minds work, but being similarly twisted, I enjoy that. There’s an album version of this on the Yo, Check Out This Ride! EP, but this is an earlier demo version. - RobotMonster


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