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Toggi was born in Iceland in 1979. Spending most of his childhood dreaming about being able to create music, he finally bought his first guitar at the age of 17. He slowly tought himself to play well enough to be able to write songs, and has since then written a bunch of songs and lyrics. After meeting Bjarki, a much more experienced and technically skilled musician and recording engineer, Toggi realised that recording was the next logical step. Toggi & Bjarki began recording some of Toggi's songs early in 2004. In april 2006 they signed a licensing deal with Sena and quickly thereafter released their first single - Heart in line - which became a big hit on all the Icelandic radio stations. They released the debut album - Puppy - on september the 25th 2006. The album has been very well received by critics and the general public. Toggi teamed up with Paul Oscar in 2007, writing two songs for his hit album "Allt fyrir ástina". In 2008, Wonderful was released and has been getting good radio time. The song was also used in a new VW comercial, produced by Fiton. The band Hjaltalin did a cover version of the Paul Oscar album track "Þú komst við hjartað í mér", written by Toggi.





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