Tom Paxton (October 311937) is an American folksinger and singer-songwriter who received in 2009Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award for his more than 40 year long career.

After graduating, he spent the late 1950s and early 1960s often in Greenwich Village where at that time the folk knew a revival. His career really begins only after he has fulfilled his military service and in Greenwich starts to act and shared the stage with people like Bob DylanPhil OchsDave Van Ronk and John Hurt.</p>

Pete Seeger recorded a cover in 1963 some of his songs, and Paxton married that year on at the Newport Folk Festival. Paxton is seen as one of the pioneers of the folk-revival because he not only traditionals played but one of the first was that my numbers brought.

Paxton got a lot of music awards and his songs were covered by dozens of artists. He took more than fifty albums on in the meantime.

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