Tommy Bolin (Sioux City (Iowa), 1 August 1951 - Miami (Florida), 4 december 1976) was an American guitarist


[hide]*1 Biography


From 1969 to 1973 , he played in Zephyr, from 1973 to 1974 at The James Gang, with which he the albums Bang and Miami made. In the summer of 1975 he was the guitarist for Deep Purple, to the breakup of this band in the spring of 1976. He can be heard on the album Come Taste The Band. In 1974 he starred on "Spectrum" the successful solo debut of drummer Billy Cobham (Mahavishnu Orchestra ex) to this is to hear also keyboardist Jan Hammer (Mahavishnu Orchestra as well).

In 1975 , he released a solo album (Teaser), followed by a second solo album in 1976 (Private Eyes '). The Tommy Bolin Band end of 1976 would be the opening act for take care when a tour of Jeff Beck. At the party after the first performance of this tour, however, took a heroinoverdose Tommy Bolin. The next morning, on 4 december 1976, he was dead. This concert was released on cd: The Tommy Bolin Band: live at the Miami Jai Alai-The final concert. [1]



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the Dutch Album Top 100

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Teaser 1975 -
Private Eyes 1976 -
Live! 1994 -
Live at Ebbets Field 1974 1996 -
Live at Northern Lights Recording Studios 9/22/76 1997 -
Live at Ebbets Field 1976 1997 -
Naked 2002 -
Albany, NY 9/20/76 [live] 2004 -
Live at the Jet Bar 2004 -
Bolin 2004 -

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