Tony Sheridan ( Anthony Esmond Sheridan McGinnityreal name:, Norwich21 may 1940 - Hamburg16 February 2013) was a British pop-rock guitarist, best known for his performances as a singer in the Top Ten Club in Hamburg, sometimes with The Beatles as guidance group.


[hide]*1 early life

Life Course[Edit]Edit

Sheridan's parents were classical music lovers. As a child, he played first violin, but later he switched to guitar. In 1956 he formed a skiffle bandwith some friends. They played in clubs, including the 2i's Coffee Bar, where many British talents started. The band, The Saints, with Tony Sheridan on electric guitar, soon began to play covers of songs by American artists such as Carl Perkins and Buddy Holly.

From 1958 accompanied Tony Sheridan, now without band, as guitarist in the well-known British artists settled on the television program Oh Boy! by Associated British Corporation, one of the channels from the network of Independent Television. Sheridan was 18 when he first came on the television.

In 1960, he participated in a tour of Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran by England. On 16 april the two hired a taxi to take them to the next gig to drive. Sheridan was not with it. The taxi got a blowout and skidded against lampposts. Eddie Cochran died the following day from his injuries; Gene Vincent was disabled for the rest of his life. [1]

The same year Tony and his new band The Jets got an invitation to perform in the Kaiserkeller Bruno Koschmider's club ' Der ' in HamburgGermany. Sheridans sizes could not earths and returned to England. From that moment on, Sheridan performed as a singer and solo guitarist with a loose-wired connection of musicians, who for the most part have remained anonymous. Koschmider had another club: ' Der Indra '. At that time there was also a group from England on: The Beatles, which then consisted of John LennonPaul McCartneyGeorge HarrisonStuart Sutcliffe and Pete Best. Sheridan and The Beatles became friends and the Group learned a thing or two from the more experienced Sheridan. Paul McCartney called him later, ' our teacher ' (our teacher). Especially George Harrison learned a lot from him in the field of guitar playing.

The Beatles left in december 1960 from Hamburg, but came back in March 1961, where they played in the Top Ten Club, where Sheridan also occurred. The following months they performed regularly as his backing group. Sheridan also played with it reversed as a guitarist in The Beatles.

In July of that year, Sutcliffe from the group to study in Germany. He was no longer there when Tony Sheridan on 22 and 23 June 1961 in the Friedrich-Ebert-Halle and Rahlstedt in Hamburg on 24 June 1961 in Studio a series of shots made, in part guided by The Beatles and in part by unknown studio musicians. Two songs names The Beatles on without Tony Sheridan: Ain't She Sweet and Cry for a Shadow. Of the other songs when his, with Tony Sheridan acted as singer, it is not always clear whether The Beatles play along or not. It is thought that they are in each case of the party were in My BonnieThe SaintsWhy (a song by Tony Sheridan himself, with the assistance of the songwriter Bill Crompton), If You Love Me, Baby[2and nobody's Child. Their action in the remaining numbers is controversial; However, it is also possible that one or two members of the group entered beside others. [3]

My Bonnie and The Saints were the A and the B side of a single that was released in Germany in October 1961 on the mark Polydor. It was a small hit. In January 1962 he published a lp called My Bonnie with twelve tracks, partly from the sessions of June. On all tracks was called as backing group The Beat Brothers. Producer Bert Kaempfert found that the name Beatles too much resembled the Hamburg Pidel Word (slang for penis). When the single My Bonnie on 5 January 1962 in the United Kingdom also came out, stood the plate on name of ' Tony Sheridan & The Beatles '. [4]

Later, when The Beatles had become famous, there are more songs by Tony Sheridan and The Beat Brothers/The Beatles, released on single, lp and cd. The material came from the recording sessions of June 1961, of subsequent recording sessions (where The Beatles often had no part) and recordings of live performances. The single with Why and Cry for a Shadow, which was released in the United Statesin March 1964, there was a small hit.

In July 1961 The Beatles again departed to England. Sheridan remained in Hamburg and continued to occur with occasional formations. Occasionally acted as backing band included visitors from England were Gerry & The pacemakersRingo Starr, also on tour with Rory Storm and the Hurricanes, has a few times with Sheridan occurred.

On april 13, 1962, in Hamburg a new club opened, the Star-Club. The Beatles came over for the opening. On arrival they learned that Stuart Sutcliffe had died just a little in advance. Between 13 april and 31 May 1962, they played in the new club. On 1 november 1962 they came back and they kept until 31 december 1962, now with Ringo Starr as drummer in place of Pete Best. Both times they performed with Tony Sheridan.In May of that year they made a few recordings, including Sweet Georgia Brown, who later by Tony Sheridan are sung. Sheridan wrote In december along with Paul McCartney the song Tell Me If You Can, that he would record only in 2004.

In the course of the sixties changed Sheridan gradually its style, from rock 'n' roll to blues and jazz. That's all too marks on his lp Just a Little Bit or Tony Sheridan of 1964, when the Scottish band acted as backing band Big Six. The Skinny Minnie single of this album took the third place in the German charts. [5]

Sheridan signed a contract In 1967 to act for the u.s. troops in Viet Nam. He remained there for nearly two years. In that time he came up with the band that he brought under fire from the Vietcong to lie. One of the band members died. Spread the message that Sheridan Reuters itself was killed. Several newspapers published an obituary. For his efforts to to entertain American soldiers got Sheridan later the title ' honoraryCaptain of the American army'.

In the early 1970s for the Norddeutsche Rundfunk Sheridan presented a radio show with blues music. In 1978, the Star Club was reopened. Sheridan performed on along with the TCB BandElvis Presley's former backing band, and Klaus Voormann. With the same occupation he took in Los Angeles in the album Worlds Apart on.

In 1982 he became a sannyasin, follower of Bhagwan Sri Rajneesh, under the name Swami Prabhu Sharan. [6he continued to use his own name, however, usually.

And In the 1980s he toured Germany intensively by 90 and beyond. He also took regular plates on, often with their own compositions. In 2002, the album Vagabond with almost exclusively his own compositions, but also a new version of his biggest hit Skinny Minnie. His last appearance was in 2012 as a special guest on the ' Beatlefair ' in San Diego (California), a commemorative meeting on the occasion of the birth of The Beatles in their final composition 50 years earlier.

Tony Sheridan lived in Seestermühe, a village in Schleswig-Holstein. In addition to the music he was interested in Heraldry. He designed coats of arms. He died on February 16, 2013 at a hospital in Hamburg after long-term heart problems.

His eldest son Tony Sheridan Jr. is a rockabillyguitarist and singer and living in the United States.

Discography (selection)[Edit]Edit


  • 1961: Tony Sheridan & The Beat Brothers, My Bonnie The Saints (Polydor NH 24 673, Germany, 32 in the Musikmarkt Top 100)
  • 1962: Tony Sheridan & The Beatles, My Bonnie / The Saints (Polydor NH 66833, United Kingdom)
  • 1962: Tony Sheridan and The Beat Brothers, My Bonnie / The Saints (Decca 31382, United States)
  • 1962: Tony Sheridan, Ich lieb ' dich so / Der Kiss-Me Song (Polydor NH 24 821, Germany
  • 1964: The Beatles, Cry for a Shadow /Tony Sheridan with The Beatles, Why (Polydor NH 52275, United Kingdom)
  • 1964: Tony Sheridan with The Beatles, The Beatles, Why / Cry for a Shadow (MGM K13227, United States, 88 in the Billboard Hot 100)
  • 1964: The Beatles, Ain't She Sweet /The Beatles with Tony Sheridan, If You Love Me, Baby[2(Polydor NH 52317, United Kingdom, 29 in the UK Singles Chart)
  • 1964: The Beatles, Ain't She Sweet /The Beatles with Tony Sheridan, nobody's Child (ATCO 6308, United States, 19 in the Billboard Hot 100)
  • 1964: Tony Sheridan and the Beat Brothers, Skinny Minnie /Tony Sheridan and the Beatles, Sweet Georgia Brown (Polydor 52 324, Germany, 3 in the Musikmarkt Top 100)
  • 1965: Tony Sheridan and the Beat Brothers, My Babe / Do-Re-Me (Polydor 52 936, Germany)


Compilation album[Edit]Edit

  • 2001: The Beatles with Tony Sheridan, Beatles Bop-Hamburg Days (Bear Family BCD 16583 BH (double cd)):
    • My Bonnie (mono, 3 versions)/ The Saints (mono)/ Cry for a Shadow (mono)/ Why (mono)/ nobody's Child (mono)/ Ain't She Sweet (mono)/ If You Love Me, Baby[2(mono)/ Sweet Georgia Brown (mono, 3 versions)/ If You Love Me, Baby (American version, mono)/ Ain't She Sweet (American version, mono)/ nobody's Child (American version, mono)/ My Bonnie (medley, mono)/ The Saints (medley, mono), Cry for a Shadow (medley, mono, 2 versions)/ Swanee River (mono, 2 versions)/ My Bonnie (stereo, 3 versions), The Saints (stereo), Cry for a Shadow (stereo)/ Why (stereo)/ nobody's Child (stereo)/ Ain't She Sweet (stereo)/ If You Love Me, Baby (stereo)/ Sweet Georgia Brown (stereo, 2 versions)/ My Bonnie (medley, stereo)/ The Saints (medley, stereo)/ Cry for a Shadow (medley, stereo, 2 versions)/ Swanee River (stereo, 2 versions)

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