Artist: Toonami/DJ Clarknova

Toonami - Toonami- Black Hole Megamix - Front

Date Released: 2002

Label: Rhino Records

Produced By: Unknown.


  1. ToonamiBHM-01
  2. ToonamiBHM-02
  3. ToonamiBHM-03
  4. ToonamiBHM-04
  5. ToonamiBHM-05
  6. ToonamiBHM-06
  7. ToonamiBHM-07
  8. ToonamiBHM-08
  9. ToonamiBHM-09
  10. ToonamiBHM-10
  11. ToonamiBHM-11
  12. ToonamiBHM-12
  13. ToonamiBHM-13
  14. ToonamiBHM-14
  15. ToonamiBHM-15
  16. ToonamiBHM-16
  17. ToonamiBHM-17
  18. ToonamiBHM-18
  19. ToonamiBHM-19
  20. ToonamiBHM-20
  21. ToonamiBHM-21


Toonami: Black Hole Megamix: is the sequel to Toonami's debut release, Toonami: Deep Space Bass. It was Mixed by DJ Clarknova (as opposed to the original, Toonami: Deep Space Bass, which was composed and Mixed by Joe Boyd Vigil. BHM includes 3 tracks which were composed by Joe Boyd Vigil). It was planned to be released in 2002/2003, but for undisclosed reasons, it was never released. But in 2002, Toonami Digital Arsenal was sent the CD by two high-ups in Toonami, and they were then allowed to release it on their site. It was released in 128kbps Mp3, and 128kbps ACC/MP4 (iTunes Format), the ACC/MP4 is higher quality, and is encoded with the album's artwork. It was released with artwork, but has never been given it's proper track names. The Mp3 and AAC/MP4' files were simply labeled from ToonamiBHM-01 - ToonamiBHM-21.

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