Artist: The Young Fresh Fellows

Date Released: 1988

Label: Frontier

Produced By: Conrad Uno


  1. Everything's Gonna Turn Out Great
  2. Failure
  3. The Universal Trendsetter
  4. Don't Look At My Face You Might See What I Mean
  5. I'd Say That You Were Upset
  6. No Help At All
  7. No One Really Knows
  8. Little Softy
  9. I Blew My Stack
  10. Take My Brain Away
  11. Celebration
  12. Picky Piggy
  13. Totally Lost (Complete Version)
  14. You're Not Supposed To Laugh
  15. World Tour 88


Have you ever had one of those records where you love basically every song on it, but you still rarely-if-ever listen to the actual album? That's how Totally Lost is for me. I can sing you at least a chunk of pretty much any song from this record, and there's a lot of songs on here that, were I to make a best-of, would be on there in a heartbeat, and yet—for some reason—I almost never say "Hey, I wanna put on Totally Lost!" It's very strange. This is Chuck Carroll's last Young Fresh Fellows album before he (amicably) left the band and was replaced by Kurt Bloch. Anyway—for the sheer number of great songs on it, I recommend Totally Lost, though if you're new to the Young Fresh Fellows, you might want to pick up Topsy Turvy, The Men Who Loved Music, This One's For The Ladies or Because We Hate You first instead. But hey, if Totally Lost is the only one the store has, totally pick it up. It IS a good one.

Also, a bit of trivia—one song on this record actually ISN'T a Young Fresh Fellows song; "World Tour 88" was put on this record as a joke. A few of their fans formed a band and wrote a song about the Fellows and sent them a cassette tape of it, the band dug it and put it on this record as a thank you/joke/whathaveyou. The songwriting credits are credited to Scott McCaughey on the album sleeve, but in small print, it does credit the band that performed on it as being made up of Mike Ritt, Pete Eriksen and Sparky. - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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