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Date Released: August 31, 2007

Label: Just Joe Records

Produced By: TEMPHUiBIS


1 Intro

2 Demolition

3 Air cloud Express

4 Wings in the night through the leaves

5 ACEyBOX Forever

6 Broken circuit

7 Arson

8 Philrism

9 Pulsariffic Current

10 Operation Heathkroid

11 Accumulating Pressure

12 Synth remind me (Instrumental)

13 Getting Effective

14 Spirits of the mountains

15 Go Back

16 Scarnix

Retrophuturistic phest!

author: Joe Wheeler

Amazing retro sounds mixed with new synths making a sound that will last throughout the ages!! recommended buy if you like Kraftwerk or even the Wipeout video games series.

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