The Toy Dolls are an English punk band from Sunderland, born in October 1979.


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The Group has been set up by Pete Zulu (Peter Robson), the lead singer, Olga (Michael Algar), guitar, Flip (Philip Dugdale), bass guitar and Mr Scott (Campbell Scott), drummer. After Pete Zulu left the Group took over the role of lead singer Olga, with its typical voice giving the group a special stamp. The Group has been changed by composition, Olga is the only original member of the band.

The group still exists. In 2009, the band played ' Our last Tour? '. The group currently consists of Olga, Tommy Goober (on bass) and The Amazing Mr. Duncan (Duncan Redmonds, drums). In 2010 there was a release for a new cd on the planning and was working on "The tour after the last tour".

Music Style[Edit]Edit

Sometimes politics is committed where punk, chose to have the Toy Dolls punk to be especially festive . They stick the Dragon with politics by songs like "Yul Brynner Was A Skinhead", "My girlfriend's Dad's A Vicar" and "James Bond Lives Down Our Street".

On every cd is also a punk cover of a known number. Usually these numbers than up-tempo played. The Toy Dolls have covered the following songs: "Toccata in Dm", "Sabre Dance", "Livin' La Vida Loca", "Lazy Sunday Afternoon", "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" and " The Final Countdown".

The CDs often begin with a short intro with a catchy guitarriff, and they end up with an outro that often have a longer version of the intro riff. Also, many songs in the intro and outro features humorous radio play-like pieces.



  • Dig that groove (1983)
  • A far out Disc (1985)
  • Idle gossip (1986)
  • Bare faced cheek (1987)
  • Ten years of toys (1989)
  • Wakey wakey (1989)
  • 22 Tunes live from Tokyo (1990)
  • Fat Bob's feet (1990)
  • Absurd ditties (1993)
  • Orchastrated (1995)
  • One more megabyte (1997)
  • On stage in Stuttgart (1999)
  • Anniversary Anthems (2000)
  • Our last album? (2004)
  • Treasured Toy Dolls Tracks (2006)
  • The album after the last one (2012)

Compilation CDs:

  • The singles (1986 cd vinyl, 1992)
  • High spirits (1990)
  • The collection (1992)
  • The volume years (4 CD 1992)
  • The receiver years (4 CD 1994)
  • The history (2 CD 1996)
  • The history II (2 CD 1998)
  • Wonderful world (1999)
  • Very high spirits (2001)
  • The best of (2001)
  • We're mad (the anthology) (2002)
  • Covered in Toy Dolls (2002)


  • We're Mad (video)
  • Idle Gossip (video)
  • Live in Japan (video)
  • Our last DVD (dvd)
  • We're Mad/Idle Gossip (dvd)

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