The Trainspotting soundtracks are two soundtrack albums released following the film version of Irvine Welsh's novel of the same name. The first was released on July 9, 1996. The comparatively huge fanbase for both the film and the original soundtrack prompted a release of a second soundtrack on October 21, 1997. This second soundtrack included songs from the film that didn't make the cut for the first album, as well as songs that didn't appear in the final film, but were involved at earlier stages or were used as inspiration by the filmmakers. The popularity of the first volume led EMI to reissue and continue to press it from 16 June 2003.

In 2007 the editors of Vanity Fair magazine ranked the original Trainspotting soundtrack as the 7th best motion picture soundtrack in history.[3] It was ranked #17 on Entertainment Weekly's 100 Best Movie Soundtracks.[4]


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Track listing[edit]Edit

Trainspotting: Music from the Motion Picture[edit]Edit

No. Title Artist Length
1. "Lust for Life(Iggy Pop, David Bowie) Iggy Pop 5:15
2. "Deep Blue Day" (Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois, Roger Eno) Brian Eno 3:58
3. "Trainspotting" (Bobby GillespieAndrew Innes, Robert Young, Martin Duffy) Primal Scream 10:36
4. "Atomic(Debbie HarryJimmy Destri) Sleeper 5:11
5. "Temptation"   New Order 7:00
6. "Nightclubbing"   Iggy Pop 4:15
7. "Sing"   Blur 6:03
8. "Perfect Day"   Lou Reed 3:46
9. "Mile End"   Pulp 4:33
10. "For What You Dream Of" (Full-on Renaissance Mix) Bedrock (feat. KYO) 6:30
11. "2:1"   Elastica 2:35
12. "A Final Hit"   Leftfield 3:17
13. "Born Slippy .NUXX"   Underworld 9:46
14. "Closet Romantic"   Damon Albarn 3:09
Trainspotting #2: Music from the Motion Picture
Soundtrack album by various artists
Released October 7, 1997
Genre Rockbritpopelectronicaclassical
Length 71:56
Label Capitol
Danny Boyle film soundtrack chronology
Trainspotting: Music from the Motion Picture


Trainspotting #2: Music from the Motion Picture


A Life Less Ordinary


Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic [5]

Trainspotting #2: Music from the Motion Picture, Vol. #2[edit]Edit

No. Title Artist Length
1. "Choose Life"   PF Project featuring Ewan McGregor 7:48
2. "The Passenger"   Iggy Pop 4:38
3. "Dark & Long(Dark Train) Underworld 9:52
4. "Carmen Suite No.2"   Georges Bizet 2:07
5. "Statuesque"   Sleeper 3:21
6. "Golden Years"   David Bowie 3:59
7. "Think about the Way"   Ice MC 4:19
8. "A Final Hit"   Leftfield 4:55
9. "Temptation"   Heaven 17 3:03
10. "Nightclubbing" (Baby Doc Remix) Iggy Pop 5:50
11. "Our Lips Are Sealed"   Fun Boy Three 2:51
12. "Come Together"   Primal Scream 4:55
13. "Atmosphere"   Joy Division 4:07
14. "Inner City Life"   Goldie 3:42
15. "Born Slippy .NUXX(Darren Price PPPPOPPI UPMix) Underworld 6:29

Complete soundtrack list[edit]Edit

The following is a complete list of songs that appear in Trainspotting in order of appearance:

  1. "Lust for Life" - Iggy Pop
  2. "Carmen Suite No.2" - Georges Bizet
  3. "Deep Blue Day" - Brian Eno
  4. "Trainspotting" - Primal Scream
  5. "Temptation" - Heaven 17
  6. "Atomic" - Sleeper
  7. "Temptation" - New Order
  8. "Nightclubbing" - Iggy Pop
  9. "Sing" - Blur
  10. "Perfect Day" - Lou Reed
  11. "Dark and Long (Dark Train)" - Underworld
  12. "Think About the Way" - Ice MC
  13. "Mile End" - Pulp
  14. "For What You Dream Of" (Full-on Renaissance Mix) - Bedrock featuring KYO
  15. "2:1" – Elastica
  16. "Herzlich Tut Mich Verlangen" - Gabor Lehotka
  17. "A Final Hit" - Leftfield
  18. "Statuesque" - Sleeper
  19. "Born Slippy .NUXX" - Underworld
  20. "Closet Romantic" - Damon Albarn

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